Dear participants, 

Thank you so much for your wonderful collaboration in this conference. In the name of the scientific committee organizing these conferences, we want to thank not only your insightful participation with the high quality of the conferences, but also your incredible support for these conferences to be what we consider a success.

With 135 attendees, and more than 80 communications (counting with the workshops, keynotes, etc.) we had enjoy some very inspiring two days thanks to the financial support of the COST Action, the IN3, and the GENTIC research group.

We sincerely hope to see you all in next year in Melbourne and/or Marabou. Let’s keep on the process of engaging with creative forms of knowledge production and ethical ways of responding to the world.

Our sincere best wishes.

New Materialist Conference Organizing Committee  🙂


New Materialist Methodologies: Gender, Politics, the Digital

The theory of new materialism is traversing many disciplines of knowledge: from quantum physics to art theory. This allows a search for a common ground for interdisciplinary studies. In addition, these theoretical approaches are proving themselves as a suitable “ethic-onto-epistemological” framework (Barad, 2007) that permits the examination of social phenomena from multidimensional perspectives, alongside offering new ways to theorize and challenge the divisions between matter and discourse, nature and culture, etc. However, the methodological parameters of these approaches remain underdeveloped and somewhat unclear especially when related to feminist theories and politics. New materialism has been coined as a “third wave feminist epistemology” (van der Tuin, 2009) in the present globalized information society, and it is because of this that a profound reassessment of some of the core research concepts is needed if these ways of theorizing want to configure themselves as an alternative to social constructivist approaches specifically in the context of digital cultures and political engagement. To these methodological concerns, we have included ‘gender’, ‘politics’ and ‘the digital’ because of their centrality in scholarly debates produced in feminist journals and scholarship. The terms also remain key for contemporary feminist practice. Can we still consider gender as a key concept for feminist politics? How is social change conceived of and produced within a new materialist framework? How is digital inter-connectedness  affecting/affected by new materialisms, and most importantly different forms of life?

To encourage theoretical and empirical queries along these lines, the V annual conference on the new materialisms at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona) invites scholars and postgraduate students to submit proposals for 20 minute presentations in reference to four concepts: gender, politics, methodologies, and the digital. Even though the conference focuses around four different concepts, the aim is not to offer prescriptive definitions of these terms. Rather, we hope that the concepts will be opened up and reconnected with each other in ways that enable the study of differing processes of reality’s unfolding.

18 thoughts on “Home

  1. MariaKi says:

    Hi! Are there any plans for a 2019 conference?

  2. Maro says:

    Hey! Did anyone see the special issue on “digital gender” in First Monday? Looks to address these issues from a different yet quite similar point of view. Happy to see that more people are pushing in this direction.


  3. hale turhan says:

    Hello! Could you please add me to the mailing list? Thank you!

  4. carnier Marilyn says:

    I try to use new materialism to do a master on communication in Montréal. I want study how the infrastructures of brand new private centre for the arts in Montreal (founded and managed by private – new patrons of the arts) is marking the way we encounter in situ contemporary forms of art. If you have any suggestions of readings around methodology…feel free to share…I was introduced to mew materialism through mu readings of Barad….I wish I could have come to your conference….please keep me informed of the next conference…merci

  5. Liza McCosh says:

    Can I be placed on your mailing list please. I am interested in future conferences based on me materialism.

  6. Kay says:

    Do you have dates for the 2015 conference? I am planning ahead.

  7. María says:

    Hi! I just want to know if I am able to attend without presenting anything?

    • brevelles says:

      María, as we answered to Vanessa, you will be able to register from the 15th of May one approximately. Thank you!

  8. Vanessa Cameron-Lewis says:

    Hi, just wondering if i am able to attend without presenting anything? Thanks

    • brevelles says:

      You can attend the conference as long as you register through the conference website from the 15th of May on. We will be opening the registration around that date. Thank you for your question!

  9. emma says:

    hello! conference looks amazing!! is there a registration fee?

    • brevelles says:

      Hi Emma! The conference will not require any fee! The registration process will be opened soon. Call for papers is already out. Thank you for your nice comment


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